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Discover our region or go on a shopping tour – the island Helgoland attracts you with its duty-free shopping, wide range of restaurants, boutiques and beautiful nature. The secret ‘jewel’ of the island is the bathing dune which is located around one kilometer beside the main island. Roughly 130,000 m² of the finest sand awaits you, covering a length of 1000 meters and width of 700 meters.

Whether on foot, by ship or by mud-flat carriage – the small island Neuwerk just three square kilometers in size, with its lighthouse dating from 1310 is a popular destination for nature and bird enthusiasts.

Or if you simply want to go shopping, visit the Cuxhaven town center near to the port, or you can travel to Bremerhaven or Bremen.

Helgoland -

Helgoland - Cassen Eils

Neuwerk - Schiff

Neuwerk - Wattwagen

Neuwerk - Wattführung

CUXLINER - Dünenbahn

Wellness offers

"Relax Classic" 2 Nights incl. breakfast in a double or single room with fantastic view across the World Heritage area of the Wadden Sea (mud-flats)

"A Fresh Breeze of the North Sea" · Whether you come here just for the weekend or book in for 14 days...

"KITCHEN TABLE" · Book your exclusive table in the middle of the modern Strandhotel kitchen (max. of 4 peoples) · The ideal gift!

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